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Marketer - F.A.Q.

What does Curaytor Marketer do and how can the program help my business?

  • Curaytor Marketer removes all the pains around attracting, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and then continuously coaching a marketer to handle your growth strategy.  
  • Your Marketer will execute the Curaytor Growth Strategy on your behalf.  
  • They will create content, run ads, send email blasts, weekly.   

What is the goal?

  • To create engaged prospects for your sales team to convert so our clients get ROI.  The hard part about growing your business isn’t knowing what to do, it’s actually executing. 
  • Let us focus on pixels, so you can focus on people.

When should I start seeing results?

  • Every market and every client’s database is different, so it always varies. But the most critical thing we are doing is - being consistent. Every single week your database and target audience(s) will see your digital marketing initiatives and soon, people will raise their hands during that nurturing process.
  • You can expect to see an immediate increase in lead count, FB analytics, and email replies. You can expect anywhere from 3-6 months on average for an FB lead to convert, sooner if we re-engage a lead that’s already in your database.

What can you do to supplement your Marketer CABs?

  • If you want to run promotions in conjunction with our efforts, then we suggest that you work around what we have planned for that week’s angle. Since you live, eat and shop in the area that you work in it’s best if clients focus on more hyperlocal content, like non-real estate events or things happening this weekend, that you know clearly relates to you and the people you do business with.
  • Our focus in marketer is going after more low hanging fruit, to generate ROI as fast as possible, so our promotions are mainly real estate focused.