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FUB - Complete Webinar Recording & FollowUp Notes

Click Here for the FUB2 Webinar Recording 
**ALL Agents on ALL Teams should complete this training


Your resource for FUB "step by step" training needs can be found at:


This Help Center can also be found when logged into FUB2 
Under you name drop down: "Help Docs"




Lead Flow Step By Step 

  • A consumer completes a registration form and is funneled into the FUB system
  • The lead is automatically set to a general “Action Plan” through the “Lead Flow” to ensure follow up begins immediately
  • Team makes contact with the lead through phone call, email reply or text reply
    • Notes are made based on the conversation
    • Lead is moved to the appropriate “Stage”
      • Lead, Hot Prospect or Nurture
  • Appropriate Follow Up Action Plan is Assigned based on the Client Needs
    • Buying Soon
    • Buying in 3-6 Months
    • Buying in 12 Months
    • Selling Soon
    • Selling in 3-6 Months
    • Selling in 12 Months
  • Agents/Admin/ISA (Whoever is in charge of Lead Nurture & Follow Up)
    • Completes Tasks Daily
  • Operations Team moves the client through Final Stages
    • Buyer/Seller
    • Pending
    • Closed

  • At the end of the year - Mass Move all Closed Transactions to Past Client
    • Tag Closed “Year”


Magic Moments:

These are the 5 Stages that trigger Magic Moments and they are all manual for a reason. 

1) Hot Prospect
2) Pending
3) Closed
4) Past Client
5) Sphere

So be sure that whether you follow my advice here or you come up with your own version it is crystal clear who goes where! 

BONUS: If you don't know where to put someone based on these 5 choose Nurture. That way you won't get Magic Moments for them UNLESS they visit 3 times in 30 days OR look at 3 pages on 1 visit.