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FB Comment Best Practices - Tyler Auerbacher, Marketer Manager

Best Practices to Handling FB Post Comments:

1) like their comment

2) send a private message thanking them for reaching out and ask for a good email address to send the info they are requesting.

3) enter their name, email & all other info into FUB

4) send email in FUB with info they requested - use a dedicated email template for Facebook leads. In the email, I ask for a good phone number and I Put them on our buyer leads or seller leads action plan accordingly to get them on our drip campaign. 

5) I reply back to their FB message telling them to check their email that I sent with the info they requested. Then I immediately follow with the - "are you planning to buy soon or are you just casually looking?" line. It's a great conversation starter and I'd say I get a 75% response rate.

6) I immediately reply back to their original comment on the photo telling them to check their inbox (so other ppl who commented on the photo get the notification that I commented)

7) I'll now go through older posts (2 weeks or older) and write a comment (whether it be to inform of a price drop, open house, anything) just for the simple fact that everyone who originally commented will get a notification again on the post - bringing it back to being top of mind. 


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