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Facebook Ads & CAB - F.A.Q.

Why shouldn’t I put videos in my FB ads?

  • Video ads are great for reach and for branding/awareness purposes, but it clearly falls short in the area of link clicks vs. an ad multiple photos. Link clicks are ultimately how a user gets redirected to our landing page and becomes a lead. Often times, the video distracts the user from the goal of the ad, to generate a lead, which is our job and why we don’t focus on videos.


How many leads make an ad effective?

  • It always depends on the promotion at hand, but as a rule of thumb - you must always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
  • You have to compare listing promotions to each other and compare blog content to each other. Don’t try to compare a listing promo to an open house list promo.
  • Overall you should look at the ad’s reach to see how many people saw the promo, then see how many link clicks it got and finally match that number with a number of leads from the promo in your FUB. You really want the percentage between link clicks to leads to be over 10%.
    • Meaning if you got 600 link clicks and generated 60 leads it would classify as a successful campaign.


What are the tags that my leads will have from Facebook?

  • All of our landing pages are synced with FUB, so when a lead comes in from that specific page, there are pre-loaded tags that get pulled from it so you clearly can understand the type of lead it is. Typically, if you’re promoting content, the title of a blog page is one tag. If you are promoting a property listing, then the address is a tag.
  • Here’s how to search by tag’s once inside FUB2: http://help.followupboss.com/article/272-tags


How do I best follow up with the leads I’m getting?

  • Your best bet is to every lead with a phone number in the first 5 minutes. Each lead is put onto their respective action plans based on how they entered into the database, so at a minimum, they will be receiving automated drip emails to keep them engaged. If you are sending email blasts they will be receiving 1-2 emails per month that specifically relate to their activity/search criteria.  
  • We highly suggest that all of our clients and their teams read Chris’ Conversion Code and take his course, as there is GOLD in there regarding how to follow up with leads.
    • If you or any of your team members need to create a FREE account for Curaytor 101 & Conversion Code - Click Here for more instructions.